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I am starting a blog in order to establish a regular writing habit, with readers. Enjoy!

C is for Canoe

Star   In a canoe at night my grown-up daughter takes the stern her J-stroke confident.   In the middle we rest our paddles. The quiet fills with crickets and the small lapping of waves.   We crane at the … Continue reading

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B2 Backwards

The theme of this month’s blogging challenge is Backwards and Forwards, because I like to look back and make sense of things, and I want to push myself to look ahead with hope instead of dread.  Hard to do in … Continue reading

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B1 Alice Backwards

Excerpt from my memoir Look Her in the Eye I am sitting at my typewriter in an empty theatre, on the edge of the playing area.  This building was once a gymnasium, and I can barely see the ceiling, the … Continue reading

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A is for Alice

I turned 60 last year, 10 months ago in fact, to the day in fact, but I am still in shock.  Zooming more often makes me see that I have the face of an older version of the Alice I … Continue reading

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Backwards and Forwards

I haven’t written here in a while, and my writing has languished a bit without a regular writing group and because of life and because my book is out at contests and one publisher being reviewed, so I decided to … Continue reading

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Lizards and melancholy

There’s a lizard loose in my house.  His name is Rufus.  He’s Liza’s lizard, Liza who is about to go off to college on Wednesday.  We got Rufus two years ago after she wore me down and convinced me that … Continue reading

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In a canoe

In a canoe at night, we crane at the stars till our necks won’t let us.   Lena sterns the canoe her J-stroke confident. I rest my paddle.   “You can help,” she says. A hint of irritation. I dip … Continue reading

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A Little Bird

Leontyne Price is amazing.  Sally feels herself rising out of her seat on the balcony at the Met, her heart lifting, pumping strangely in counterpoint to the sublime crescendo of Price’s song.  Art is physical, Sally thinks, and yet she … Continue reading

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The magic of time

It is Thursday, my third day of a five and a half day writing retreat.  In the first two days, I revamped the memoir I have been working on for nine years, and I have the draft I have been … Continue reading

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Revival of the blog

It’s been nearly three years since I posted on this blog.  I am reviving it because I want to increase my internet presence and let people know I have a book manuscript.  It’s true!  The new title of the book … Continue reading

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