At MOMA today (Museum of Modern Art), a few pieces moved me. A Monet I don’t know if I’ve ever seen called “Agapanthus,” a word I’ve never heard. Dorothea Lange and other black and white photos of ordinary people. Harlem Renaissance art–Jacob Lawrence and others. An amazing painting from 1929 by Archibald John Motley Jr. of Chicago called “Tongues (Holy Rollers).” A rendition of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man’s underground home full of light bulbs by photographer Jeff Wall. Sculpture in the courtyard, and the buildings visible outside it. Much of the contemporary art seemed pretentious and boring, but I admit I am a philistine in this area.

Monet, Agapanthus
Archibald John Motley Jr., Tongues (Holy Rollers)
Jeff Wall, photo inspired by Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man

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