W is for Writing

It’s been hard to keep up with this blogging challenge in pandemic times.  Hard to think or write about anything else.  I believe we will likely be staying at home for many more months, and that I will be teaching online in the fall.  The administration at my college is holding out hope for an in-person experience, but I am not optimistic.

I do not have a word for this malaise.  It’s a creeping worry and uncertainty.  Not knowing is hard for us planning humans.  I waver between an appreciation for what’s simple—having a place to live and enough to eat, being able to go outside every day, keeping in touch with loved ones.  Working from home feels artificial and temporary, and when the Zoom screen turns off it all goes away.

I could easily just sink into introversion on my laptop and in books.  It takes effort to write, and to go out and take socially-distant walks with friends, but I am always happy to have done so.  We do things we don’t want to do so we’ll feel better later.  I even wavered on Zoom yoga today, but I did it, and was glad I did.

One foot in front of the other.  One word after another.  One blog and then another.  Almost at Z.


Zooming with my sibs.  We are all holding up our right hands.  Wut.


About aliceinbloggingland

I am starting a blog in order to establish a regular writing habit, with readers. Enjoy!
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2 Responses to W is for Writing

  1. josna says:

    I love. . .”when the Zoom screen turns off it all goes away.”
    And “One word after another.” I see this Challenge as an opportunity to jumpstart a daily writing practice.
    We’re still here while we’re still here. xo J

  2. Barely! I had to do two or three some days. But tomorrow is it!

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