R is for Restless

What new can be said for being stuck at home?  Everyone’s commenting on it.  The quarantine blogs could become part of a historical record of this time.  Hard to write about something you’re in the middle of.

The days consist of Zoom and snacking and a daily dog walk.  Computer games and binge watching and worry.  News and no news and too much news.  Concern that yet again, we rely on the people at the bottom of the economic ladder to keep us going.

Masks and hand sanitizer and putting things off, like eyebrow shaping, hip replacement surgery, dying your hair.  Showering whenever because when does it matter?  Moving from couch to bed to table.  Yearning for sleep but insomniac at night, sleepy in the afternoons.

When does restless become restful?  That ticking need, exaggerated by caffeine, to Do Something.  My Zoom yoga class got interrupted by a bad internet connection.  As I tried to reconnect, getting up off the floor to sit at my computer, I felt my stretched muscles pulling me to stay with it.  So I got back on the floor and improvised my own ending—a few favorite poses, warrior two, triangle, then sweet shavasana.  Then to a work Zoom meeting, internet restored, holding on to my yoga zen.

Then nap.


About aliceinbloggingland

I am starting a blog in order to establish a regular writing habit, with readers. Enjoy!
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