Blogging from A to Z

So, I’ve decided to blog again this April. Last April I posted EVERY DAY for Poetry month, even though I’m not really a poet. This year I’m joining another blogging phenomenon, called A to Z. Thousands of us will blog 26 days in April (skipping Sundays), on topics related to the letter of the day. Tomorrow I will write about something that starts with A. A friend who has done this before recommends having a theme, and my theme is Memory. Not just memories, though of course I will draw on them, but on the idea of memory itself, how and why we remember certain things, how memory affects the present, how we hold onto memories that may not be entirely factual.

On April Fools Day, I will write about A.

See you tomorrow!

About aliceinbloggingland

I am starting a blog in order to establish a regular writing habit, with readers. Enjoy!
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