Late Middle Age

It has come to this.

I am being hit on by men over 60.
Not Sean Connery men over 60 types.

A skinny guy at the coop slapping price labels
With one of those plastic label slapper things.
Yeah. That’s my type.
An orange baseball cap with a few strands of white hair sticking out
Surely covering a bald spot
Wire rim glasses
Eager to help me find what I need.

I am shopping for a hairbrush.
My hair is a mess.
I am wearing sweats, just came from yoga.
I look yeah great right.

Why is this guy hitting on me?
I have a wedding ring on.
(And the guy at home is not quite 50
And still quite fetching, I might add.)

I suppose none of this has to be about me.
He is helping me with the gluten free.
Shares that he has celiac disease.

Every day I have to have something remind me
That I’m getting older.
That I’ve gotten older.
That I’m practically old.
Is that it?

Calling 53 (54 in June) middle age is a misnomer.
I do not plan to live to 108.

About aliceinbloggingland

I am starting a blog in order to establish a regular writing habit, with readers. Enjoy!
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