Walking the dog
I circle back over the field
behind the empty high school parking lot
and wait to see my daughter drive for the first time

A green Honda zooms in
stops with a flourish
in the corner of the lot

Before I can wonder at
my husband’s flashy driving
doors slam and
two boys swagger out
tossing a football

The dog pulls me
but I stand and watch
as our green Honda pulls in

My husband gets out
my daughter gets out
they switch seats
brake lights go on
and off

The car stays still

Until slowly slowly
it makes a wide arc
around the lot
a neat circle

She does not ride the brakes
she is a careful girl

She is already my height
minus half an inch
she looks all right behind the wheel

My husband’s window opens
he leans out

She keeps driving calmly
another circle
later, a three point turn

What is this
adult behavior
self assurance

The dog and I come over
they slow down
the dog leaps up
its paws on the open window

The driver’s little sister has run over to see
we all laugh
none of us in our usual place

She’s going to drive off
not too long from now

For now
slow circles
around her mother and her sister and her dog
her father next to her in case
in case

There’s nothing to be afraid of

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I am starting a blog in order to establish a regular writing habit, with readers. Enjoy!
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1 Response to Car

  1. Charlo Maurer says:

    What a clear vision of that moment in parenting when kids learn to spread their wings.

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